Education Technology Village (Edtech Village) has the core mission of building and connecting the Vietnamese education technology ecosystem with International Education ecosystems. After 6 years of establishment and development, Edtech Village has gathered numerous education experts, businesses, investment funds, incubators, institutes to consult and coordinate in implementing models and solutions in the digital transformation of education, wise education for Ministries, branches, localities.

At Techfest 2021, Edtech Village continues to deploy a diverse series of activities to create space for knowledge sharing and bring attractive investment connection opportunities for both national and multinational Edtech units, in the context of the complicated and prolonged Covid 19 epidemic scenario.

The main activities of Edtech Village have been receiving massive attention from businesses and investment funds in our home country, Vietnam, and abroad including:

The conference program takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. December 3rd, 2021. With the theme “Digital Transformation of Education: Challenges and Expectations “bringing together 200-300 experts and organizations within the Edtech ecosystem: Governments, schools, startups, businesses, investors, the event shares a multi-dimensional view about the difficulties, the orientations of the national education digital transformation in general as well as the University/Vocational college systems and K12 in particular.

The program “Multilateral Trade Connection” will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. December 4th, 2021, including the following main activities: 1:1; Investment Connection between Edtech Startup and local and regional investment funds; 1:1 Trade Connection between supply and demand units; 1:1 Consultation sessions with leading experts in each market segment; Exhibition 3D virtual booth in 05 days.

Especially November 20th, Edtech Village will release “Bilingual Yearbook: Edtech Vietnam 2021”, which updates the overall Edtech Vietnam and rank the top Edtech units in Vietnam; thereby pointing out opportunities, challenges, and directions for Edtech startups, Edtech startups support groups, Edtech investors together with the Criteria and Advisory Council to evaluate and rank main segments in the Vietnam education technology market. The Yearbook will be widely distributed to state and foreign companies, education units.

In addition, interested units and organizations can also participate as sponsors with two Standard packages: $5,000 & Premium $10,000 and receive sponsor benefits at Techfest | Edtech 2021.

Edtech Village welcomely invites interested individuals and organizations to all take part in spreading, connecting the domestic and international education technology ecosystem with us!

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