White Paper & Ranking 2023

Whitepaper and Ranking of Vietnam’s EdTech 2023


The Vietnam EdTech Report, along with the evaluation and ranking of notable EdTech products, enables businesses to reflect on their own practices, learn from others, and explore international opportunities to align their products. Additionally, the report serves as a valuable resource for investors to assess the potential of Vietnamese enterprises. Experts also have the opportunity to review policies and promote the adoption of innovative solutions in education.

Stated Mr. Pham Hong Quat, Director of the National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development, at the release of the report and rankings in 2022

Announcing event & EdTech Showcase

Announcing event of the White Paper & Ranking of Vietnam EdTech 2023
organized by the EdTech Agency in collaboration with industry experts

Event information

Saturday – 19/08/2023

Event format
Hybrid – Offline – Online

120 people (offline) – 200 people (online)


– Representatives of relevant ministries and agencies
– Representatives of the University
– Representatives of high schools
– Representatives of EdTech enterprises
– Tables for product showcase
– Industry-leading experts
– EdTech Enterprises, International Investment Fund
– Media

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Counting down the time of publishing the White Paper & ranking the education technology industry in Vietnam 2023

EdTech rankings over the years

EdTech Agency and the Evaluation Council always based on public and transparent criteria to provide EdTech rankings in the Vietnamese market.

EdTech ranking 2023

EdTech ranking 2022

EdTech ranking 2021

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Reports over the years

Over the years, EdTech Agency has consistently delivered in-depth reports on the EdTech market in Vietnam to partners primarily in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia, the US, and India. These reports serve the purpose of equipping them with accurate and up-to-date information, enabling them to make informed decisions before entering the Vietnamese market.

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White Paper & Ranking 2023

The impact of post-pandemic challenges, wars, and economic recession on the global EdTech landscape and their implications. The positioning of EdTech Vietnam in the global context and highlight the emerging trends in the EdTech industry. Products that are garnering attention and attracting users in Vietnam’s EdTech market. The White Paper and Ranking 2023 conducted by Edtech Agency will encompass those topics.

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Our Expert Team
White Paper & Ranking of EdTech 2023

Opportunity to explore the EdTech market in Vietnam

With exclusive reports and product ranking by EdTech Agency


Both domestic and international EdTech companies aspire to stay updated and align their development plans with the evolving market trends


Domestic and international investors looking for opportunities to invest in Vietnam’s EdTech market

Schools and training institutions

Schools and training institutions are increasingly adopting EdTech products to meet the digital transformation needs of their educational units.


The relevant ministries and agencies consider the report as a valuable reference for identifying technology in education and providing appropriate guidance and decisions to promote its application in education and training.

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The White papers and EdTech ranking results will be distributed to


Directors/Managers of Vietnam’s Leading EdTech Startups


Directors/Managers of International EdTech Startups


K12 schools, colleges, universities, vocational training


Departmens of Education and Training of Vietnam (hard copy)

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