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Edtech Agency provides a variety of services based on our worldwide clients’ demands. We are the first and #1 educational technology agency in Vietnam, and we serve clients worldwide.

This service is designed to help our clients achieve:
  • Insight of the target market sectors
  • Essential metrics for decision making & business expansion planning
  • Accurate feedback from potential customer segments
  • Direct contact with partners / potential customers through 1-on-1 meetings
  • Local awareness of brand and products through promotional events & webinars
  • Fast market response: 1-3-month time frame
This service is designed to help our clients achieve:
  • Insights of the niche target market
  • A shortlist of 3 – 10 potential Vietnamese partners
  • 1on1 meeting arrangements with the key person or decision-makers of the potential local partners
  • Local awareness of Brand and products through marketing and promotional campaigns
This service is designed to help our clients achieve:
  • Local awareness of Brand and products through marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Perform marketing activities with a reasonable conversion rate
  • Potential Customer persona and list of leads
This service is designed to help our clients achieve:
  • A representative office in Vietnam with 3-5 times more cost-efficiency
  • Results guaranteed
  • Full support from one of the most experienced teams in Vietnam
  • 247 consulting services
This service is designed to help our clients achieve:
  • Educational content will be distributed to the national network in Vietnam.
  • Commitment to business efficiency and revenue
  • Full support from one of the most experienced teams in Vietnam
  • 247 consulting services
This service is designed to help our clients achieve:
  • Market insight in just 45 – 90 minutes
  • Information about the competitive landscapes
  • Suggested plans to expand business in the market with client’s products/ services

Yellow Pages

Edu Yellow Page is the first site in Vietnam covering various categories in education and edu-tech of Vietnam and other countries, including:

  • Pre-schools and kindergartens
  • K12 education Universities & Vocational training schools
  • Enterprise training Upskill training
  • Venture capitals & Angel investment networks
  • Edu and edtech relevant laws and regulations
  • Edu Yellow Page is available in different languages
  • Edu Yellow Page is continuously updated on a weekly basis
  • Edu Yellow Page is a product of Edtech Agency

Educational Reports



Edtech Agency is the leading team in providing market research and producing reports on education, edtech and e-learning and digital educational content in Vietnam.

For the last 10 years, our team has conducted annual reports for the whole market which have been cited in many different Edu-events locally and regionally. Our latest product is the 2021 Vietnam Educational report released in May 2021.

Contact us to have a nine-page summary of the report.

about us

Edtech helps transfer careers, change lives, assist nonstop learning communities, and establish sustainable development societies.

Our team has been in the industry for years to witness its immense impacts in Vietnam and other Asian, therefore we embark on a journey to connect and redistribute worldwide edtech resources in order to serve people from all walks of life, companies of different sizes, and countries at different stages of development.

Edtech Agency is the Vietnamese leading expert team with 18 years of experience in the servicing of Edtech, E-learning, educational digital content, and copyright. We have facilitated connections and distribution of education products and technology from overseas markets into Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, and also released annual Vietnam edtech reports for the last 8 years. We are the first in Vietnam & we serve worldwide clients.

Typical clients

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Enterprise Singapore

Adtech Agency is one of the only two consulting companies in Vietnam invited to speak at Enterprise Singapore’s Webinar: Spotlight on Vietnam’s Edtech Landscape. After the official event, Edtech Agency also conducted 1on1 consulting meetings with different Edu-Tech Singapore enterprises and provided further local market insights.


EduMedia is the best online resource for STEM teachers.

Edtech Agency is the exclusive representative of EduMedia in Vietnam.

Contact Edtech Agency for a demo account.


Edtech Agency is an official partner of Examus in Vietnam to provide Examus proctoring solution for online exams. Examus is one of the best San Francisco E-Learning Companies and Startups of 2021🏆

Study in Vietnam

StudyinVietnam is the official website for foreign students to discover courses and programs provided by top Vietnam universities.

StudyinVietnam is managed by the International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Education and Training.

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