Capital Flow into EdTech Vietnam

In the first nine months of 2022, according to preliminary statistics of Nhipcaudautu (Investment Bridge), the total amount of capital poured into EdTech (educational technology) companies in Vietnam was announced at more than $18 million, a slight increase compared to the figure of 16.5 million USD in the same period last year. In particular, EdTech Vietnam also set a new record this year when Edupia announced raising $ 15 million for round A, the highest in technology education in the past four years. Vietnamese EdTechs are benefiting because of the slowdown of Chinese and Indian companies. Investors cannot stand still; they are looking for new opportunities outside China and India in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam. “Why does Vietnam have an advantage?” due to the high user homogeneity, explains Mr. Pham Duc, founder, and CEO of Marathon Education. According to the Education Marathon, the Vietnamese education market is estimated at $2 billion per year; however, the online penetration of EdTech platforms for K-12 students (students from kindergarten to grade 12) is only 3%. EdTechs are looking to replicate this piece of cake by offering numerous trending products ranging from English language teaching and technology to deep learning such as math, physics, chemistry, etc. Currently, most EdTechs in Vietnam are to integrate English as a significant subject as this is the highest learning need (86%, according to the 2021 Q&Me survey) for Vietnamese people and the least affected.

Source nhipcaudautu