Edtech Agency provides a variety of services based on our worldwide clients’ demands.
We are the first and #1 educational technology agency in Vietnam.
We serve clients worldwide.

This service is designed to help our clients achieve: 

  • Annual reports on Vietnam education and EdTech market
  • Specialized reports on EdTech niche market sectors
  • Competitive landscapes in any niche market sectors
  • Reports delivered in requested language

This service is designed to help our clients achieve:

  • Market research to identify Vietnamese potential market to clients products
  • Shortlist of up to 5 local potential partners & their information
  • 1on1 online / offline meeting arrangements with key persons
  • Online/ offline business matching events, conferences, webinars, etc
  • Meeting recap & meeting follow-up

This service is designed to help our clients achieve:

  • Identify target market segmentations
  • Marketing plan and set up KPIs/ OKRs
  • Marketing & promotional campaigns/ activities
  • Weekly/Monthly tracking progress to achieve the goals
  • Join Vietnam’s EdTech network and be well recognized by local potential partners / buyers, distributors, etc.

This service is designed to help our clients achieve:

  • EdTech startup founders build strong foundation of investment know-how
  • Founders meet & engage with potential investors/ VCs
  • Founders prepare pitch decks and other relevant documents
  • Contract negotiation to reach win-win terms & conditions
  • Founders exit

This service is designed to help our clients achieve:

  • Exclusively distribute clients’ educational digital content in Vietnam
  • Run marketing & promotional campaigns in the territory
  • Online & offline business matching events & meetings
  • Multilingual reports as requested
  • Result-guaranteed policy

This service is designed to help our clients achieve:

  • Intensive consulting services on education and EdTech in Vietnam (B2C I B2B I B2G)
  • Information about the competitive landscapes
  • Suggested plans to expand business in the market with client’s products/ services


ACTs of life

ACTs of life is an education partner from Singapore specializing in providing English language teaching & learning programs for kindergartens. EdTech Agency has supported ACTs of life in marketing activities such as organizing online/offline events to introduce their program/product to schools nationwide. EdTech Agency also helps them connect to business partners in the North & the South to develop business networks & find suitable product distribution partners.


ScholAR is a modern virtual lab that brings Science Simulation into the learning experience. With the desire to become the best virtual STEM Lab, ScholAR connected with EdTech Agency to implement the marketing activities and connect Vietnamese partners to distribute products. ScholAR Virtual Lab has received a lot of positive feedback from educational institutions connected by EdTech Agency.



Due to the Covid outbreak, learning & teaching activities had to be converted online. Examus – An online proctoring solution using AI has chosen EdTech Agency as a product distributor in Vietnam and implemented online marketing activities. We also helped Examus organize product trial events to connect Examus with potential partners.