Digital Transformation in Higher Education – Applying Technology to Enhance Management Efficiency and Development of Digital Learning Materials

With the advancement of technology, digital learning management and development solutions are increasingly being employed to help educators and students access learning content quickly and flexibly and enhance interaction and engagement in the learning process. Moreover, advanced management solutions contribute to optimizing operational costs and improving the efficiency of personnel management and teaching activities within educational institutions.

In the upcoming event “Dialogue between EdTech and Colleges & Universities: Practicality and Prospects for Collaboration,” organized by Edtech Agency on January 12th, relevant parties, including businesses and educational institutions, will sit together to discuss effective collaboration methods in the digital transformation of educational institutions.

🧶🧶Introduction of the Company – Amazon Web Services (AWS)
AWS is the world’s most widely adopted and comprehensive cloud computing platform, providing over 200 fully-featured services from data centers worldwide. AWS supports educational institutions through its superior cloud computing infrastructure platform and training programs for students to assist educational institutions in fulfilling their missions.

📌AWS Cloud Computing for Education Institutions
Alongside the acceleration of digital transformation, educational institutions have been adopting new technology solutions to improve the quality and quantity of training and develop safe and scalable technological solutions to support students and educators with AWS.

📌AWS Academy Program for Colleges and Universities
By participating in AWS Academy, colleges and universities are provided with a program that includes:
👉👉A learning management system, training content, and free lab practice tools for educators.
👉👉Educators can use these tools to provide unlimited training to their students, and the content is updated according to AWS certification standards.
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