Edtech Agency Shares Vietnamese Edtech Market Overview with JETRO and J. CLAIR (Japan)

On the morning of September 7 at the Edtech Agency office, a meeting & discussion with the delegation of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and J. CLAIR (The Japan Council of Local Authorities on International Relations) about the Vietnam Edtech market after the pandemic and the upcoming cooperation opportunities between the parties, was organized.

Mr. Nguyen Tri Hien – President of Edtech Agency, and Mrs. Nguyen Hong Hanh – CEO of Edtech Agency, have answered questions about the impact and consequences of the pandemic on education and the Edtech market in Vietnam, the situation of digital content development in Vietnam…

The Japanese side also expects to have cooperation exchanges with Edtech Agency in particular and Edtech Vietnam in general in the future when listening about market potential, policies to support international enterprises of the government of Vietnam, as well as directions to promote the digital transformation of the education sector.

Edtech Agency is delighted to have become an industry leader trusted by major international vendors to learn about the market of Edtech Vietnam.

With the mission of connecting and distributing Edtech resources around the globe in the Vietnamese market and the region, Edtech Agency is doing its job well and gradually affirming itself as the first and the number one in the market.

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