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Topic: “Vietnam Edtech from the perspective of international partner – Australia.”
In the second episode of the Q&A program featuring industry experts, Edtech Agency has invited Mr. David Linke, CEO of EduGrowth, to provide his insights on the potential and challenges of Australian Edtech companies in the Vietnamese Edtech market. With extensive experience working in major Edtech companies worldwide and currently supporting the development of the Australian Edtech ecosystem for international markets, Mr. Linke will also discuss the upcoming plans of EduGrowth in Vietnam.

The three main points in David’s sharing show part of Australia’s perspective on Vietnam’s education market and Edtech:

1. In Australia, about 70% of education and Edtech businesses focus on the B2B segment and strive to improve educational outcomes in training institutions. Meanwhile, most Vietnamese companies (and some other Southeast Asian countries) target the B2C market – selling directly to end-users. Therefore, B2B can be a potential market approach for Australian Edtech businesses when they intend to expand to Vietnam.

2. The Australian government and media still often mention the potential and scale of the Vietnamese market. However, Australian Edtech businesses have yet to find an effective way to approach the market due to various barriers, in which language is a significant factor.

3. Edu Growth’s mission is to help Edtech companies think about new markets, and Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the markets we are interested in, so we introduced our members to Vietnam. In addition, I think there needs to be a clear action plan to build a cooperative network between the two markets so that you can genuinely penetrate the Vietnamese market, which is attractive and requires a strategic plan.”
Please join us in watching the interview video with Mr. David Linke from EduGrowth.

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