FDI In Vietnamese Eucation

According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment statistics, until November 2022, Vietnam has attracted 625 foreign investment cooperation projects in the education sector with a total investment capital of over 4.59 billion USD.

Notably, in 2022 alone, 36 FDI projects in education were established, contributing 253 million USD of funds. While this figure is relatively modest compared to other economic sectors, it accounts for 1.05% of the total registered FDI in Vietnam.

The majority of FDI projects in the education sector are concentrated in the two central metropolitan areas of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which account for 91.23% of the total registered capital. Specifically, Ho Chi Minh City has 250 projects with a total investment capital of nearly 4 billion USD, representing 86% of the total investment capital. Meanwhile, Hanoi has 239 projects, accounting for 5.14% of the total investment capital. Da Nang ranks third with 30 projects.

Regarding FDI counterparts, countries with renowned education systems, such as Singapore, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Korea, and Japan, have the most projects on vocational training, foreign language teaching, and K-12 education in Vietnam.
Source: Ministry of Planning and Investment.

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