Recommendations for investors in the Vietnam EdTech market

(Source: The Edtech Vietnam White Paper 2023 )

👉 Before entering the Vietnamese market, investors need to thoroughly research the economic and legal environment culture, and society since education is closely tied to the human factor. Investors who lack knowledge and experience in Vietnam can seek assistance from professional and reliable EdTech consulting services.

👉 Invest in EdTech companies that offer products aligned with market trends and demands, ensuring high competitiveness against existing free products. It is especially crucial to have passionate founders or operators who are deeply committed to education.

👉 Diversify the EdTech products and services portfolio for potential investments, such as hardware and software solutions, K-12 education, and upskilling programs.

👉 Education is a long-term and patient investment field; therefore, investors should prioritize investing in companies with sustainable business models, emphasizing content quality, even if profitability is not the primary focus in the initial stages.

👉 Consider niche products that fit into the comprehensive EdTech development strategy and explore services that leverage open-source and/or low-cost technologies to add customer value. EdTech services should be designed as innovative holistic solutions that can adapt their scope and content to specific customer needs.
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