Startup Investment In Vietnam Is Among The Most Exciting In Southeast Asia

According to the report released recently by the National Innovation Center (NIC, Ministry of Planning and Investment) and the Venture Capital Fund Do Ventures, Vietnam is considered one of the venture capital markets, the most promising in the ASEAN region.
Specifically, Vietnam currently leads Southeast Asia in the growth rate of the number of venture capital transactions. Compared to 2020, the number of venture capital transactions in Vietnam in 2021 has increased by 57%.

The growth rate of investment deals in Vietnamese Startups is higher than that of Singapore (53%), the Philippines (42%), Indonesia (27%), Thailand (9%), and Malaysia (1%).
Vietnam is currently ranked 3rd in ASEAN in terms of capital growth rate for startup investment.

The fields that investors are most interested in Vietnam are games, entertainment, payments, retail, and education. Prominent investment trends in the near term will include financial technology and web 3.0 with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies as well as Blockchain technology.

The stable socio-political environment and maintaining the current economic growth rate will strengthen the confidence of foreign investors when entering the Vietnamese venture capital market.
Source vietnamnet