The Reasons for Investing in International Education in Vietnam

🎯The reasons for investing in international education in Vietnam🎯

1. Vietnam’s political situation is stable; preferential policies create a good environment if investors develop long-term. 
👍Vietnam’s economy has proliferated in the past 10 years, especially GDP in 2021 is 443 billion USD, compared to 2010 is 116 billion USD. The middle class in Vietnamese society is increasing, and these are the people with abundant financial resources for their children to attend international schools.

2. The demand for schools for children to go to international schools in Vietnam is enormous, which is a potential market for investors.
👍The Vietnamese public school system only meets some of the needs of Vietnamese families. Middle-class families want their children to attend an English-speaking international school so they can later go to university in English-speaking countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK… Therefore, we see that the whole international schools in Vietnam are taught in English.

👍 According to statistics based on data from the Institute of International Education (USA), in 2021, the number of Vietnamese students studying abroad in English-speaking countries is over 80,000, including high school, undergraduate, and graduate systems, the number of students studying abroad increases by 5-8% annually.

👍 Another factor in the demand for international schools is foreigners working in Vietnam. Foreigners working in the 2 centers of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are crowded. When working in Vietnam, married people bring their children over, and their children attend international schools.
Aggregated Source: Institute for International Education Research(IIER)

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