The wave of investors from Europe, Japan, The UK and the US seeking investment opportunities in Vietnam

The GMAP conference, aimed at helping investors learn and define investment strategies in Vietnam, was recently held in Ho Chi Minh City on November 13.

According to insights shared on the sidelines of the conference by Mr. Ivan Alver, Co-founder of Global M&A Partners and Partner and Chairman of Saga Corporate Finance (Norway), the flow of capital from Europe and the United States is showing positive signals due to the country’s stable political environment, growing consumer demand, and competitive labor costs. “Investors are shifting towards Asian countries, including Vietnam,” he explained.

From the beginning of this year until now, Japanese and American investors have also participated in notable M&A deals. For instance, SMBC (Japan) invested $1.5 billion to acquire a 15% stake in VPBank through a private placement, and KKR Global Impact (US) invested $120 million in the education group EQuest.

Source: vnexpress