Update 02: Announcement Of The Evaluation Board And List Of Vietnam Edtech Product K12 Education

Our K12 Vietnam Edtech product rating plan has received the attention of Edtech units and industry experts, as evidenced by product sign-ups for ratings and Board members.

Currently, the Board of Assessment and Ranking of Vietnam Edtech products in K12 has invited 07 members who are experts with many years of experience in education and educational technology. Our council consists of:

  1. Mr. Ton Quang Cuong – Dean of Faculty of Educational Technology, University of Education, Vietnam National University, Hanoi
  2. Mr. Nguyen Tri Hien – CEO GET, Co-Head of Edtech Techfest Village
  3. Mr. Do Nguyen Hung – Head of EdTech Techfest, Collaborative Expert on Development of Training and Startup Support Network under NSSC National Center for Support of Innovative Startups
  4. Mr. Pham Tuan Hiep – Incubation Director – BK Holdings
  5. Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha – Head of Data Analysis, EdTech agency, Master of Finance, 08 years of experience in online training system management.
  6. Mr. Nguyen Van Nghiem – Vice Principal of Quang Trung Specialized School, Binh Phuoc
  7. Ms. Nguyen Huyen Trang – Dean of Primary Education, Hanoi School of Education, Master. Primary education, 16 years of work in the field of primary education.

After opening registration for the K12 Edtech product rating for interested businesses along with our data collection, there are 107 Edtech products on the Rating Board in the “Content” category; 37 products in the “Foreign Language Training” category; 58 products in the “Tech” category; 12 products in the “stem/STEAM” category and 20 products in the “Exam preparation” category.

At the preliminary round on 15 May, based on the criteria of public assessment, transparency in technology, content, and system value, the Board will select the products that continue to enter the ranking round.

We look forward to our following updates on the rating process of Edtech Vietnam K12 products.

Best regards!