Vietnam Ranks 7th in The Asia-Pacific Region in Terms of Digital Society

The report on the Digital Society Index of GSMA – Global Association of Mobile Information Systems (August 2022) showed that Vietnam ranked 7th among countries in the Asia-Pacific region regarding digital society (after Australia, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia).

The trend of using digital platforms on mobile devices is still increasing, with the number of downloads of new applications from Google Play and Apple Store reaching about 312 million times (up 19% compared with the previous month).

With this number, Vietnam will continue to rank 7th globally in the number of new app downloads on mobile devices (after India, the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, China, and Mexico).

The total number of users on Vietnamese digital platforms reached over 494 million, an increase of 23.56% over the same period last year and 18.45% over the previous month.
Source vietnamplus