Amra Iuoop visited EdTech Agency’s headquarters to explore Vietnam’s promising EdTech market

Hanoi, October 18 – In a noteworthy development, Edtech Agency had the privilege of hosting Amra Luoop, the esteemed founder of Gobootup, a prominent organization in the UAE and Sri Lanka.

Amra Iuoop’s visit to Edtech Agency’s headquarters was driven by her keen interest in exploring Vietnam’s dynamic and promising Edtech market. During the discussion, she highlighted the market’s potential within the region.

Amra Iuoop’s knowledge of the Educational Technology Village, organized by Edtech Agency as part of the national TECHFEST activities, prompted her to arrange a meeting with EdTech Agency. This meeting served as a platform to introduce Gobootup’s products and share insights regarding the initial expansion plans in the Vietnamese market.

As this partnership unfolds, we wish Amra Iuoop a successful business trip, and fruitful collaboration opportunities will emerge for both parties in the near future.
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