EDTECH TALK #2: Maximize EdTech Growth with Technology Development Strategies

Following the triumphant outcome of Edtech Talk #1 and the remarkable interest shown by numerous professionals in the Edtech sector, we’re excited to announce the forthcoming Edtech Talk #2 event, which revolves around the theme ‘Maximize EdTech growth with Technology Development Strategies.

In the inaugural Edtech Talk event, in collaboration with VNG Cloud, we engaged in captivating discussions with AI experts and educators. The aim was to gain deeper insights into the multifaceted role of AI in education and to uncover the promising avenues for applying AI to scale personalized learning experiences across Vietnam’s educational sphere.

Continuing this dialogue, the upcoming Edtech Agency event will once again partner with VNG Cloud and industry experts to delve into:
👉 Innovative technology strategies designed to nurture the growth of Edtech enterprises in the dynamic context of Vietnam.
👉 Key pivotal elements essential for optimizing the prospects of successful implementation of technology-driven growth strategies within Vietnam’s Edtech landscape.

We cordially extend an invitation to you to partake in the enlightening discourse of EDTECH TALK #2 and encourage your participation in the subsequent events orchestrated by Edtech Agency.

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About VNG Cloud: https://lnkd.in/g_6gPKFh