Opportunities for networking and expanding connections at Vietnam EdTech Expo 2024

EdTech Expo 2024 transcends being merely a venue to explore and stay abreast of the latest innovations in educational technology; it also presents an unparalleled opportunity for stakeholders to forge and expand their professional networks within the industry. With over 200 representatives from schools, educational institutions, EdTech enterprises, and venture capitalists in attendance, this event offers indispensable networking prospects.

At EdTech Expo 2024, you will be privileged to engage with potential partners, foster new collaborations, and seek long-term cooperative ventures. This occasion is designed to facilitate learning from seasoned professionals, sharing valuable insights, and collectively advancing in the realm of educational technology.

Join us to harness the networking opportunities presented by EdTech Expo 2024. The event promises to bestow substantial value and development prospects upon all those dedicated to integrating technology into education.

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