(Produced by Etech Agency)

Topic: Experiences in implementing Edtech applications in the education system

In this sixth episode, Edtech Agency had a fascinating conversation with two representatives from the education conglomerate Equest to explore practical experiences in utilizing technology in education.

Both participants firmly believe that integrating Edtech into educational training and management systems undoubtedly poses initial challenges. However, once the system is refined and operating smoothly, it has the potential to deliver commendable results.

One significant advantage is that teachers can reduce their lesson preparation workload and administrative tasks by more than 30%. Moreover, students display heightened enthusiasm towards electronic lectures, while teachers can promptly gauge students’ comprehension levels after each class. It enables them to address lingering doubts, helping students grasp the lesson more effectively.

We cordially invite you and all viewers to gain more comprehensive insights by watching the enlightening interview video below.


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