By Edtech Agency

Don’t miss Edtech Agency’s interesting interview with an expert in the TOP 100 influential in Edtech 2023 as voted by Edtech Digest, who heads the Singapore Education Network (SEN) – Michael Klemm.

Watch now and let us know if you share a similar view with Michael about the Vietnam Edtech market.


Key points in Michael’s sharing about investment direction in Edtech as well as interesting observations about the Vietnam market:

  1. The Edtech investment market will regain momentum within 6 to 12 months, especially as Asia is still considered the largest growing market.
  2. Governments realize the need to digitize more in the K12 block. Most countries globally are spending more and making efforts to apply more technology in education, focusing on data development, policy reform, education popularization, and providing more accessible solutions.
  3. Although Vietnam is not the number one market, we often pay attention to Vietnam because it is one of the countries with stable politics, good internet connectivity, and a high mobile user rate. Vietnam also places significant emphasis on education, with the government particularly interested in promoting education nationwide.
  4. The concern when we come to Vietnam is English proficiency. When products come to Vietnam, localization is significant. For example, if you have a product available only in English, it will turn Vietnam from a large country into a small market. Unless it is a product related to English, Vietnam is a large market.