Global trends in Higher Education and EdTech

At the event “Dialogue between EdTech and Colleges/Universities: Practices and Prospects of Collaboration” organized by Edtech Agency on January 12th, Ms. Maria Spies, Co-CEO of HolonIQ, delivered a fascinating presentation with valuable insights into global trends in higher education and EdTech.
✔#1 is examining the top trends from education leaders worldwide.
✔#2 is the strategic shifts in higher education that we are witnessing.
✔#3 is the emergence of new certificates, the increasing demand for skill development, and the impacts they will have on higher education.
✔Lastly, digital technology, the learner’s experience, and the growing importance of digital tools in higher education were discussed.

Artificial Intelligence takes the lead at #1, followed by personalized learning => assessment => learning analytics => micro-credentials and unbundling => vocational education and internships => Health, wellness, and tutoring => Finally, Steam & encoding, and learning through simulations and augmented reality.

There are four fundamental strategic shifts that HolonIQ is tracking, namely, the increasing appreciation for new, short, and more flexible certificates from various providers.
Watch entire presentation by Ms. Maria [here] #edtechmarket #edtechvietnam #edtechevents #edtechHE #videaedtech #AWS #elsa