Insights from EdTech Talk #2: Exploring technology’s role in EdTech

On August 30th, the collaborative efforts of Edtech Agency and VNG Cloud came to fruition with the successful hosting of Edtech Talk #02. The event delved into the intriguing topic of “Maximize EdTech growth with technology development strategies.”

Despite the overarching theme of harnessing growth via technological evolution, our esteemed panelists unitedly expressed a viewpoint beyond the surface. They emphasized that technology, while crucial, doesn’t stand alone as the sole driver of success. In a world where technology transforms at an unrelenting pace, the intrinsic essence of an Edtech enterprise lies in its ability to empathize with and alleviate the challenges facing its target audience. This strategy encompasses technology and the supplementary services that complete the holistic offering.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien, CEO of GET Jsc and Chairman of Azota Singapore, provided a nuanced perspective. He stressed technology, though indispensable, shouldn’t monopolize the early stages of a venture. He championed that an Edtech creation should cater foremost to its end-users, orchestrating an unparalleled experience. This orchestration necessitates precise timing aligned with addressing the current pain points of the customer base.

Drawing from the case study of Azota, Mr. Hien elucidated a compelling narrative. Azota’s entry into the Edtech arena may not have boasted the grandeur of advanced technology, but it epitomized an impeccable synchronization of timing and usability. Its user-friendly interface resonated profoundly with educators and students, particularly those who embarked on their technology-aided educational journey in 2020. Remarkably, Azota clocked an impressive 40 million monthly interactions within a few months after its introduction.

The interactive session afterward provided a forum for various Edtech entities to engage our guest speakers with pertinent queries. These queries centered around the formulation of ingenious product development strategies tailored to optimize the utilization of existing resources while adeptly catering to the ever-evolving demands of the discerning clientele.

Edtech Agency and VNG Cloud extend their heartfelt appreciation to the esteemed invitees and the array of Edtech enterprises whose contributions enriched the discourse at Edtech Talk #2.

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