Launch of The Contest”NATIONAL EDTECH STARTUP 2022 – Search for Innovative Entrepreneurship in TECHFEST 2022, Edtech Village

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Deadline for registration: 9/8/2022 23h59

National Edtech Startup 2022 – Looking for innovative entrepreneurship in TECHFEST 2022, Education Technology Village with the spirit of “Inspiring the Knowledge Economy” under the system of National Innovation Competitions – TECHFEST Vietnam 2022 to select the best Etech startups to attend the national finals in December and accompany the Education Technology Village in its activities at Techfest 2022.

This is a competition between Startups in the field of education technology to find potential entrepreneurship from which the Education Technology Village with industry-leading experts will accompany and connect interested domestic and international investors,  assisting these entities to break through and sustainably develop a comprehensive Edtech ecosystem, contributing to the nation’s digital transformation.


The individual is Vietnamese or Vietnamese-born, living and working in and outside of Vietnam, regardless of gender, age, or occupation, with innovative products/ services/ technologies in the field of Edtech.

Timeline of the competition

The competition takes place in two rounds:

  • Round 1 (August – September): National reception and selection of TOP 10 startups representing Edtech Village.
  • Round 2 (September 10 – September 24): Connecting investment funds and advisors. Edtech Village finals. Select 02 startup representatives to attend National Techfest

9/10 – 12/2022: TOP 10 Startup accompanies Edtech Village with 05 national events on innovation and entrepreneurship to develop business models and call for capital.


  • Meet 6 Pre-Series Round A investment funds interested in Edtech
  • Accompany Edtech Village through five national Startup events
  • Join Edtech village in 3 national workshops on digital transformation, New Technologies in Education
  • Opportunities are ranked in the Edtech Village annual report, Scheme 844 (National Start-Up HST)
  • Opportunities to develop products and business models with a community of 30,000 Edtech village students

Examination documents

  1. Pitch deck reference form of BTC (Language: English or Vietnamese):
  2. Complete the application form by September 8, 2022:


The Education Technology Village (Edtech) is responsible for building and connecting Vietnam’s education technology ecosystem with the International Education Ecosystem. Over the past 7 years of establishment and development, Edtech Village has brought together many education experts, businesses, investment funds, incubators, school institutes, etc. to implement, advise and coordinate the implementation of models and solutions in the digital transformation of education, smart education for ministries, sectors, and localities.




Mrs. Ngo Yen: 0902653738 – Head of Secretariat

Ms. Tran Vui: 0942625523 – Member of the secretariat