Major Trends in Vietnam Edtech Market 2022

According to the Vietnam Education Technology Report 2021, in Vietnam, the total investment in educational technology startups ranks third with $20.2 million and among the top 10 fastest growing EdTech markets globally, with a rate of 44.3%. In 2021, The market witnessed several countries, including Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom, hoping to expand educational cooperation in Vietnam. India and Korea had regularly organized seminars on education in Vietnam. In May 2021, EQuest Education Foundation had received an investment of 100 million USD from KRR Company, one of the largest investment enterprises in the world, through the KRR Global Impact Fund.

By 2022, Vietnam’s EdTech ecosystem will continue to undergo drastic changes, including an asynchronous focus on technology platforms, strengthening the digital capacity of teachers and learners. From there, it contributes to standardizing and developing data diversification, solving challenges from education sector practice, and connecting Edtech with other technical fields in the domestic and international market to meet the learning needs of society and improve the training quality.