The Expert View In Ranking Activities of The Edtech Village

Recently, we interviewed Mr.Ton Quang Cuong, sharing his opinion on the ranking activities of the Edtech Village, Dean of the Faculty of Educational Technology, University of Education, Hanoi National University 
🎤 The expert said that:
In the context of the current explosion and development of EdTech as well as a series of policies that have been published on the transformation of economic, social, scientific, and technological digital…, the ranking is necessary. Although the ranking criteria need further research to provide standard frameworks and authentic evidence as a basis, the ranking activity of the Edtech Village can be considered an initial reference data for stakeholders.
🎤 Mr.Cuong added:
Based on the ranking data, managers, policymakers, and each high school will have more grounds to choose an approach more suitable to specific conditions and contexts. From a business perspective, EdTech units also have more data channels and social recognition, then adjust new directions in the subsequent development process to get a higher record.