TIESEA Edtech Regional Webinar – 16/03/2022

Continue the success of the National Workshop on Sharing & Discussing Education Technology Infrastructure & Applications in Vietnam, on March 3, 2022, and as a part of a series of events under TIESEA – a project developed by the Bank Asia (ADB) funded, researched & piloted Education Technology (EdTech) program in Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam to determine the most effective model based on “Readiness for Education” EdTech” of 4 countries, thereby supporting these countries to apply educational technology solutions on a national scale.

There will have the participation of government representatives & experts from 4 countries, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines & Cambodia & leading educational technology experts worldwide.

The event provides an opportunity to share, across the region, the ambitions of the Technology-enabled Innovation in Education in South East Asia (TIESEA) project, funded by the Asian Development Bank. The project aims to identify what works in EdTech through a series of pilot interventions in the four countries where the project is operating: Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Pilot interventions will run in each of the countries for one year, and the impact on educational attainment and the quality of learning will be rigorously evaluated. The project will undertake capacity-building workshops and host a major international conference during 2023 to share the findings of the project and to disseminate more widely the strengths and areas for development in the key interfaces between schools, homes, families, and technology.