The Scheme of Vietnam’s Education on Digital Transformation in The Period 2022-2025.

The scheme “Strengthening the application of information technology and digital transformation in education in the period 2022-2025, orientation to 2030”, approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 131/QD-TTG dated January 25, 2022, defines the goal by 2025 as Strongly renovating the method of organizing education, making teaching and learning in the digital environment an essential and daily educational activity for each teacher and each learner. Strive for 50% of pupils, students, and educators to be qualified in terms of facilities, communication lines, and software to effectively participate in online teaching and learning activities. The project also defines the goal by 2025: 100% of educational institutions apply the school management system based on digital data and technology; in which: 100% of learners and teachers are managed by digital records with uniform identifiers throughout the country; 80% of facilities, equipment and other resources for education, training, and research are managed by digital records.

Source: The MOET