Vietnam aiming for 100% smartphone used by the end of 2024

On February 23, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) organized the Conference “Announcement of the information and communication infrastructure planning for 2021 – 2030, with a vision towards 2050.”

According to the assessment of MIC, the current level of information and communication infrastructure penetration in Vietnam is higher than that of high-income developed countries with lower prices. The 4G coverage in Vietnam is 99.8%, compared to 99.4% in high-income countries.

Among the 7.3 billion people worldwide who use phones, the smartphone penetration rate is 63%; in Vietnam, this figure is over 84%. This is the effort of the information and communication sector towards the goal of 100% smartphone users by the end of 2024.

The fibre optic coverage to each household is nearly 80%, compared to the global average of about 60%. This result aims to achieve comprehensive digital transformation, leaving no one behind.

Data charges in Vietnam are maintained at a low level, only half the world average. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to use the Internet and access the digital space.

To date, Vietnam ranks second in ASEAN and ninth globally in using the new generation Internet Protocol IPv6, surpassing powerhouses like China, the US, and Canada. This helps Vietnam have the foundation and potential to accelerate IoT development and promote the digital economy.
Source: doanhnghiepvn

👉👉Conclusion: With the rapid development of its information infrastructure, Vietnam is ready for its digital transformation, including education, to build a lifelong learning society. Through technology support, everyone has the opportunity to access updated world knowledge. This also opens opportunities for Edtech companies to contribute to the educational cause.

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