Vietnam’s Economic Growth Higher Than Global Average

Positive signals for international investors.

According to the General Statistics Office report, Vietnam’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 2023 increased by 5.05%. Although this figure is lower than the target of 6-6.5%, it still represents one of the highest growth rates in the Asia-Pacific region and is 1.68 times the global economic growth rate.

Specifically, the report indicates that the estimated GDP for the fourth quarter of 2023 increased by 6.72% compared to last year. This growth surpasses the fourth quarters of 2012-2013 and 2020-2022. With this positive trend, the next quarter is expected to show even higher growth (3.41% in Q1, 4.25% in Q2, and 5.47% in Q3).

As of December 20, 2023, the total registered foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam, including newly registered capital, adjusted registered capital, and value of capital contribution and share purchases by foreign investors, reached nearly USD 36.6 billion, a 32.1% increase compared to the previous year. Foreign direct investment realized in Vietnam in 2023 is estimated at USD 23.18 billion, a 3.5% increase compared to last year. This represents the highest amount of FDI learned in the country in the past five years.
Compiled by Edtech Agency.
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