Corporate Training sector in Vietnam

EdTech application in the corporate segment is still in its infancy – According to an expert – Mr. Duong Trong Tan (General Director of Agilead Global), EdTech Vietnam’s Corporate Training segment is still in its infancy and has the smallest market share compared to other segments. In fact, the application of technology in personnel training is not popular within businesses. EdTech products under the Corporate Training branch are mainly online training (E-learning), LMS (Learning management system), video lectures, etc. However, similar to the above segments, these technology products are relatively similar and have little value differentiation from the free products on the market.

The application of EdTech in corporate training is still quite limited because the vast majority of Vietnamese businesses are only small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – accounting for 98%. These companies have little need to invest in learning and training personnel due to their limited capacity and inability to provide adequate training equipment for employees. Besides, they are also afraid of some risks in training employees by applying technology. The most common in the SME group are managers, directors, and above who take courses in business and administration. In general, SMEs in Vietnam have not yet formed a learning and development mindset for their personnel (according to Mr. Duong Trong Tan – General Director of Agilead Global).

According to experts, some potential areas for EdTech in corporate training in Vietnam today include banking, tourism, and hotel industries. The oil and gas industry has applied a lot of VR and AR to safety and complex skills training activities for mechanical construction and installation at training centers…

Although the commitment to spend on EdTech is currently limited, the corporate training segment is still considered to be extremely potent in the next 3 to 5 years by experts, especially in the field of online training and teaching tools. According to experts of FALMI, in 2021, the labor market will continue to develop positively towards high quality. New skills that require receptiveness in the digital age will be the direction of development for both the employee and the business itself. EdTech application to increase density, duration, and quality in training is an inevitable movement of Vietnamese enterprises.
Source Vietnam EdTech Report 2021 – published by Edtech Agency & OCD