EdTech Agency and Learning Spark in South Korea join forces in strategic collaboration

🏷 Learning Spark is one of the leading organizations supporting educational digital transformation in South Korea. Learning Spark operates an EdTech center that supports various solutions and serves as an exclusive EdTech laboratory for startups to assess EdTech products based on evidence.

🏷 Edtech Agency is the pioneering and sole intermediary specializing in connecting global EdTech companies with the Vietnamese EdTech market. With an extensive network locally, regionally, and globally, Edtech Agency aids domestic and international EdTech enterprises in market connectivity. Furthermore, they assist EdTech investors in identifying promising startups and enable educational institutions to access advanced EdTech solutions throughout the digital transformation of education.

In July 2023, Edtech Agency and Learning Spark solidified their strategic collaboration to expand EdTech support on a broader scale. By leveraging their combined experience and partner networks, both organizations stand ready to support EdTech startups in both countries, facilitating market exploration and entry into their respective regions.