Vietnam education – One of the areas of international investor’s interest

On the sidelines of the recently held Global Mergers and Acquisitions Partners Conference (GMAP) in Ho Chi Minh City, international investors highly praised the investment environment in Vietnam. They identified the most promising sectors for M&A deals shortly.

According to Mr. Zoltán Siklósi, CEO of Invescom Business Financial Organization, technology and agriculture are the most promising sectors for future M&A deals in the Vietnamese market. Following are logistics, consumer goods, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Mr. Aaron Franzheim, Vice Chairman of Meridian Capital Limited, stated, ‘There are many attractive investment opportunities in Vietnam, driven by factors such as a stable economy and a dynamic business community. I believe future M&A activities should focus on finance, education, infrastructure development, technology, and semiconductor manufacturing.’

The cultural and legal differences present some challenges for U.S. businesses investing in Vietnam. However, according to him, they will succeed in business if they find suitable local partners.”
(Source: baodautu)
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