A Closed Discussion On Cooperation Opportunities In Edtech Australia & Vietnam 13/04/2022

Following the success of THE SUMMIT AUSTRALIA – VIETNAM EDTECH INNOVATION EXCHANGE, Edtech Agency will cooperate with EduGrowth to organize a series of 03 closed- discussions for Vietnamese – Australian Edtech businesses interested in these two markets to answer questions about opportunities to participate in the two Edtech markets.

On April 13, the first session to answer questions from Vietnamese Edtech units took place to learn about key trends and opportunities in Australia.

Australia’s EdTech Ecosystem is a niche market focused on learner experience. With Australia’s learners wanting the best in EdTech there are numerous opportunities for Vietnamese EdTech to join the market with cutting-edge EdTech.

Our objective is to share stories, anecdotes, and insights not available anywhere else and the following questions were discussed in the closed meeting:

– David, can you tell me what the key trends you see in the market say the K12 School and the Higher Education market?

– What do non-Australian EdTech companies need to consider before selling to Australian education providers

– Where are the gaps that Vietnamese EdTech companies might find a space?

– What is the typical sales cycle you think non-Australian EdTech companies should consider?

– What is the typical price point?

Edtech Agency is not only to connect international Edtech units wishing to enter the Vietnamese market, but we also aim to support Vietnamese Edtech businesses to reach out to the world market.