VIETNAM EDTECH EXPO 2024: An opportunity to explore advanced technologies for educational administrators and teachers

Dear Educational Administrators and Esteemed Teachers,
Edtech Expo 2024, the premier event in educational technology, will take place on August 10th, organized by Edtech Agency in collaboration with the University of Education – Vietnam National University, Hanoi. This event aims to showcase advanced technological solutions in education and discuss future trends in the field.

At Edtech Expo 2024, educational administrators and teachers will have the opportunity to:

✔ Explore Advanced Educational Solutions: Esteemed Edtech companies will present the latest cutting-edge products and technological solutions. This event provides a valuable opportunity for teachers and educational administrators to explore and directly experience new technologies being applied in teaching and administration, ultimately enhancing the quality of education.
✔ Share Digital Transformation Experiences & Learn from Leading Experts: Edtech Expo 2024 will feature in-depth discussions with top experts in education and technology. Esteemed teachers can exchange practical application experiences and update themselves on the latest educational trends from leading schools worldwide.

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