The opening event of 2024 – EdTech and Higher Education: A discourse on practical collaboration and endeavors – 12/02/2024

Organized by Edtech Agency in collaboration with CETSTR Center of the Association of Vietnamese Colleges and Universities and the Education Technology Village under the National TECHFEST.

Topics to be discussed at the forum:

🔑How we create favorable conditions for the application of technology in education to enhance the quality of teaching and learning while reducing financial and human resource burdens on universities?

🔑🔑 What feasible models of connection and collaboration exist to promote engagement and joint action between EdTech businesses and higher education institutions?

🔑🔑🔑Find solutions for the “authority” issue of learners, addressing the “pain points” and “learning journey” of learners in a digital platform environment with the support of EdTech and educational institutions.

We would like to invite educational institutions to participate in an open exchange, where management levels can share and seek intelligent solutions to improve training quality and efficient management.

Meet and connect with top peers in the education field and typical Edtech units like AWS, VIDEA, ELSA.

Event registration link for Institutions: []

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