The Announcement Of Ranking Results For Typical K12 Edtech Solutions In Vietnam 2022 & Publication Of The In-Depth Report

On July 28, 2022, the Educational Technology Village, presided over by Edtech Agency, organized a publication of the ranking results for typical K12 Edtech products in the Vietnamese market and published an in-depth report.

The event is part of the chain of activities of the Educational Technology Village at Techfest 2022. Speaking at the event, Mr. Pham Hong Quat – Director of the Department of National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development commented “In the past time, the Educational Technology Village has made great efforts in building and supporting the innovation start-up ecosystem, especially in the field of EdTech in Vietnam. The Ranking is also a very meaningful initiative and is in line with the development needs of the national innovative start-up ecosystem. The most significant thing is that innovative start-up product projects find the market, assert themselves with users, each specific target group, and assert themselves in the eyes of domestic and foreign investors to have the ability to grow…”

Mr. Quat also said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has also been a test for many Vietnamese businesses that have asserted themselves and also made many businesses still face difficulties. However, through the social crisis, they will also find their direction. I think the evaluation report and publication of the results of this typical Edtech product rating are both meaningful and help businesses look back at themselves, look back at their friends, look internationally and orientate their products. At the same time, the report also helps investors see the potential of Vietnamese enterprises in the context of development along with Edtech enterprises in the region. Experts also have the opportunity to look back to have reformed policies, adopt new solutions in their education sector from which students, families, facilitators,….. can find value from Edtech products, which I think is very meaningful.” It is the purpose and significance of the ranking activity initiated by the Educational Technology Village, led by Edtech Agency.

On behalf of the Evaluation Board, Dr. Ton Quang Cuong – Dean of the Faculty of Education Technology, University of Education, VNUHN – Chairman of the Ranking Council also said: “In 2022, the Board selects the rating of Edtech products for the K12 sector in Vietnam, in the coming time, the Board will expand, study, evaluate, rank and even rank for the wider education sector. In the course of the work throughout the past time, the council has shown a spirit of working with great transparency and fairness, sticking to the criteria set before, and making references to the models to make the most objective, accurate and fair judgments.”

To contribute to introducing a broader picture of Edtech products to the school, Mr. Nguyen Hoang – LabHok representative shared the digital transformation of education and training with a comprehensive platform for schools, teachers, and students.

And Mr. Quoc Khanh – from ViewSonic shared about the application of interactive technology in the classroom – the inevitable trend of modern education attracted a lot of attention from experts and attendees.

During the unveiling ceremony, under the coordination of Dr. Ton Quang Cuong and Nguyen Tri Hien – President of Edtech Agency, held a conference with speakers from the school and the education department and answered questions on the topic of how to apply technology to education effectively from people interested in digital transformation in education.