Who will join us in the announcement of the white paper & ranking of the EdTech Vietnam 2023 event?

Edtech Agency is honored to extend its heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Maria Spies, the esteemed Co-CEO of HolonIQ, for graciously accepting the invitation to grace the event scheduled for August 19th. Her invaluable insights on the topic: “Southeast Asian Edtech & the Position of Edtech Vietnam in the Region” promise to enrich the discourse.
HolonIQ, headquartered in New York (USA), stands as a pioneering educational market research company established in 2018. Its mission revolves around connecting the world with technology, skills, and capital to catalyze transformative changes in the educational landscape. The cornerstone of this endeavor is access to an unparalleled wealth of educational data. In the realm of Edtech market research, HolonIQ has earned its stripes as a global frontrunner.
Furthermore, Edtech Agency is set to convene a panel of distinguished global Edtech entities. This collective brainpower will delve into discussions concerning the post-pandemic Edtech market and the burgeoning trends of technology integration within education.
Let’s look forward to the announcing event of the White Paper & Ranking of Edtech Vietnam 2023, organized by Edtech Agency on August 19th.

For those eager to participate, registration for the “White Paper & Ranking for Edtech Vietnam 2023” unveiling event is now open through the following Zoom link: