Vietnam priority to budget for vocational education

According to Directive No. 21-CT/TW on continuing innovation, development, and improvement of the quality of vocational education until 2030, with a vision to 2045, the Party Central Committee proposes enhancing resources and prioritizing the state budget for vocational education within the total state budget for education and training, commensurate with the position and role of vocational education, especially for high-quality human resource training, key industries, and sectors.

The goal by 2030 is to attract 50-55% of high school students to the vocational education system. 50% of the workforce will be retrained through continuous training, with a 90% proficiency rate in information technology skills.

Additionally, by 2030, Vietnam will have about 90 high-quality vocational education institutions and approximately 200 key industries and sectors. Among them, 15-20 industries and sectors are expected to have outstanding competitive capabilities in the ASEAN region and globally.
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With the objective of attracting 50-55% of high school students to vocational education, there is a significant demand for high-quality educational products and services. This number presents a substantial opportunity for Edtech products to cater to this segment.

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