Workshop Open Innovation Ecosystem: Educational Technology In The New Normal -24/03/2022

Based on the proposal of the Techfest Connect, Edtech Village Techfest, as well as Social Challenge and Innovation Village, the Department of Market Development associated with Science and Technology Enterprises along with the Research Institute of Sustainable Development Management (MSD) – United Way Vietnam and National Economics University organized a workshop: “Open innovation ecosystem and educational technology in the new normal” to spread the impact and typical results of the sequence of events in the National Innovation Day – Techfest Vietnam 2021. The event was organized with the support of the Shinhan Square Bridge Vietnam project.

The workshop will discuss the topic of open innovation in educational technology and introduce some typical innovative start-up models selected through the Techfest 2021 series of events, a panorama of 2021, and predicted development trends of educational technology in 2022.

The seminar was accompanied by village heads, co-heads of Techfest Vietnam, representatives of a network of researchers, trainers, innovative start-up experts, investment funds and educational institutions, agencies, organizations, associations, student clubs, potential creative start-up groups in EdTech.

We faithfully invite you to attend the seminar and join the discussion on open innovation in educational technology in Vietnam.

Sincerely, thank you!