The lively discussion on digital transformation in K12 Education in Vietnam: Elements for success

On April 24th, the Edtech Agency successfully hosted the event ” Digital Transformation in K-12 Education in Vietnam: Elements for success,” drawing the participation of over 50 K12 schools, representatives from education departments, experts, and key companies like CMS, AWS, Elsa, ViewSonic, Samsung, and notably, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luu Bich Ngoc – Chief of Office of The National Council for Education and Human Resources Development.
The two panel discussions at the seminar garnered the attention of attending guests and received heartfelt insights from speakers, experts, and representatives.
In the first panel discussion on “Essential Requirements for Digital Transformation in Education,” all speakers unanimously agreed that for successful digital transformation, the prerequisite is the human factor. There needs to be a shift in perception and action from management levels to educators, learners, and parents alike.
Ms Ngoc emphasized that while technology offers remarkable advancements, its role is to enhance teachers’ flexibility and effectiveness in delivering knowledge rather than replacing the authentic presence of a teacher.

Dr. Ton Quang Cuong, the Head of the Department of Educational Technology at the University of Education within the Vietnam National University, Hanoi, raised a pertinent question regarding the feasibility of businesses providing technology solutions at costs that align with the practicalities of schools. Responding to this inquiry, both Mr Nguyen Quoc Thanh, representing ViewSonic and Mr Tran Duc Truong, the Director of AWS Public Sector Partner Services at AWS, underscored the potential for practical solutions to cost challenges through collaborative and closely-knit partnerships between Edtech enterprises and educational institutions. They stressed the importance of collective action, highlighting that addressing this issue requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders, not just individual schools.
The second discussion session was equally dynamic, focusing on “how technology product ecosystems support the digital transformation process.” During this session, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chu Cam Tho emphasized that “digital transformation is no longer merely a trend but has become government-directed policy and responsibility at all levels and departments. In the digital transformation of mainstream education, content reigns supreme.” Echoing Ms. Tho’s sentiment, representatives from Elsa and CMS underscored the importance of educators and Edtech companies collaborating to deliver high-quality educational content, facilitating the digitization of teaching materials, and supporting schools throughout the digital transformation journey.
During the second discussion session, representatives from the Phenikaa system and Vin School Ocean Park shared real-world applications of technology within schools and the initial outcomes achieved after overcoming significant initial challenges. This is also the reality that needs to be confronted before undertaking digital transformation, not only in education but across various sectors. Despite encountering initial hurdles and barriers, the “sweet fruits” lie in enhanced management efficiency and improved educational quality, contributing to a brighter Vietnam that competes on par with advanced nations in the era of Industry 4.0.
Edtech Talk #4 is an installment within the “Edtech Talk” event series, jointly organized by the Edtech Agency and its partners. The objective is to foster a platform for dialogue among stakeholders, facilitating the exploration of practical and holistic approaches to the digital transformation of education.
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