Australia – Vietnam EdTech Innovation Exchange – Summit Event 22/02/2022


Australian and Vietnamese EdTech offers innovative digital solutions designed to support students with new and enhanced learning experiences.

Join a virtual summit for administrators and educators to learn about innovation models driving digital learning experiences in K-12 Schools, and how EdTech is being used to deliver hybrid learning experiences that extend the university campus to reach the world. This unique program brings together the Australian and Vietnamese EdTech ecosystems and will discuss the Australian EdTech sector and showcase select EdTech from Australia and Vietnam.

Session 1: Innovating the learner experience with new technologies In this session our panel will share their experiences developing and implementing digital innovation strategies in K-12 schools to enhance the learner experience.

● Tim Watts – Chief Revenue Officer, Compass Education 2 of 9

● Mark Greentree – Director, Technology 4 Learning (T4L)

Session 2: Hybrid Learning: seamless higher education experiences for students This session will discuss the connection between technology and the university campus. And how innovation in the university delivery model creates possibilities for students, their learning journey, and the opportunity to reach more learners around the world.

● Martin Dougiamas – Founder & CEO, Moodle

● Gordon Scott – Managing Director, Successful Graduate

Session 3: Partnerships between Australia and the Vietnamese EdTech Ecosystem The Australian EdTech sector is rapidly growing, offering high-quality education innovation and technology solutions globally. This session provides an overview of the Australian EdTech landscape and how attractive Australia is as a destination for EdTech, and for Vietnamese partnerships.

● David Linke – Managing Director, EduGrowth

● Rebecca Ball – Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner Vietnam, Austrade

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