EdTech Landscape After The Pandemic

“The Edtech market in Vietnam and the world is generally relatively young, which is not comprehensively developed but has grown hot due to the epidemic impact. There are many meaningful e-learning platforms, yet there are still many sketchy platforms with only one or two remarkable functions, and the user experience is limited.

In addition, most Edtech companies are focusing on teaching English because this is a “delicious piece of cake”, ensuring the profit factor that makes this segment relatively cramped. Meanwhile, other segments such as training for workers, and professional skills training have not been given enough attention”.

(According to cafef.vn)

Since the market is still volatile, the Education Technology Village, chaired by Edtech Agency has partnered with educational partners to implement Ranking activities and publish in-depth reports on the market annually.

In particular, in July 2022, the Education Technology Village will hold the

“Announcement of typical Edtech solutions for K12 block in 2022 and

the in-depth report” to give a panorama of the K12 Edtech market to help local and international enterprises gain a general view of this market, as well as providing more information to schools so that appropriate solutions can be selected.

In anticipation of the event in July.

Time: 9: 30 – Thursday (July 28, 2022)

Form: Hybrid

Registration: https://forms.gle/G8U6KUsa55LxUwKu5