Partnering organizations for White paper & Ranking of Vietnam EdTech 2023

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the partnering organizations that have chosen to accompany the Whitepaper & Ranking of Vietnam Edtech 2023. The event for the official announcement of the Whitepaper & Ranking is scheduled for August 19th, and it will be complemented by a showcase featuring a diverse range of Edtech products. The event will bring together industry-leading experts, domestic and international Edtech entities, schools and training institutions, and investment funds, in the region…

We highly value the collaboration of the following units:
#Videa EdTech is a premier organization specializing in digital transformation solutions for education. Founded in 2019, Videa’s primary objective is to provide top-notch information technology solutions that foster online learning and enhance the educational experience for universities, educational institutions, training centers, and businesses both in Vietnam and around the globe. Their core offerings are built on the world-renowned open-source Learning Management System (LMS) – Moodle.
#Vuihoc is an online learning application designed for students from grade 1 to grade 12, offering a rich collection of lecture materials, diverse exercises, and the ability to directly interact with teachers during live-streamed classes. Additionally, the application continuously updates its teaching curriculum to meet the latest educational demands and practical needs.
#HeyHi is a lightweight whiteboard app that works on any device. Our service is designed especially for interactive real-time tutoring between tutors and students of all ages. We have designed this lightweight yet powerful interactive whiteboard platform that aims to provide a simple tool for distance learning. Using our online whiteboard you have infinite space to work on with your student or class in real time.
#NextGen Education & Solutions (NES) is an Edtech startup focusing on solving human-resource-related issues in the Enterprise market in Vietnam and in the region. with the purpose of providing practical knowledge of the profession along with the necessary skills for students to survive in the corporate environment.
#Flexidata is a software solution company focused on Vietnam & Asia Pacific markets. Flexidata offers digital transformation consulting, value-added services, and add-on products on top of global first-tier SaaS vendors such as Microsoft, Asana, and Instructure (Canvas LMS).

Nguyen Tri Hien & Hanh Nguyen
We cordially invite all interested individuals to participate in the event via Zoom Meeting by registering through the following link: