What Does the White Paper on Edtech Vietnam 2023 Reveal?

Edtech Agency and its advisory board are entering the evaluation and finalization phase of the White Paper on EdTech Vietnam 2023. The final result will undoubtedly be a valuable source of information for the EdTech market in Vietnam, as well as for EdTech entities and international investors seeking to understand this market.

Let’s take a look at what the White Paper on Edtech Vietnam 2023 will cover:

✏️An overview of the global and Asian EdTech markets, providing insights into market fluctuations during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.
✏️The EdTech market in Vietnam will be a key focus of the White Paper, presenting data and statistics on the market, the conditions and environment for EdTech development in Vietnam, the technological aspects of Vietnamese EdTech products, and the structures and regulations governing technology investments in Vietnamese education. It will also highlight notable investment deals in recent times.
To be continue
Stay tuned for the anticipated release of the White Paper and EdTech Vietnam 2023 rankings in August 2023, led by EdTech Agency.
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