Which segments will be featured in the Vietnam Edtech Ranking 2023?

In an effort to establish transparent and publicly accessible ranking criteria for Vietnam’s Edtech products, the White Paper & Edtech Ranking Advisory Council 2023 conducted a productive working session on July 9th.
During the meeting, the Advisory Council deliberated and determined the selection of Edtech segments to be evaluated and ranked in 2023, including Early Childhood Education, K-12 Education, and Lifelong Skills Training & Learning.

Each segment will undergo a comprehensive examination and assessment, focusing on Edtech products developed by Vietnamese enterprises. This evaluation process will be based on transparent and publicly disclosed criteria and procedures, enabling users and Edtech developers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the quality and effectiveness of products within the industry.

The Advisory Council also emphasized the utilization of available market data, encompassing studies and data from reputable organizations, to ensure objectivity and reliability throughout the ranking process.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the Vietnam Edtech White Paper & Ranking 2023, scheduled to be published in August 2023, led by Edtech Agency.