Edtech Agency has long been planning to organize sharing and networking sessions for Vietnamese Edtech entities to build a collaborative and sustainable Edtech community. Edtech Talk is an integral part of Edtech Agency’s strategy.
Edtech Talk is not simply an event or a closed-door conference; it is a platform for leaders and managers from various Edtech organizations to come together, exchange valuable insights about Edtech and the market, and foster connections. The primary focus is on facilitating dialogue and expanding networks for future collaborations.
Edtech Talk #1: Will AI become the roots of a massively personalized learning model?
The inaugural Edtech Talk session will bring together AI experts and industry stakeholders. The discussion will revolve around the integration of AI into Vietnamese Edtech products, the challenges and obstacles faced by Edtech businesses, and the potential applications of AI in personalized learning in Vietnam.
Scheduled for June 30th, Edtech Talk #1 will be jointly organized by Edtech Agency and VNG Cloud. This meaningful gathering promotes interaction, cooperation, and mutual support within the Edtech community, fostering collective growth.
While the initial event will take place in Hanoi, there are plans to extend Edtech Talk to Ho Chi Minh City in the near future.
For those interested, please register for upcoming Edtech Talk sessions organized by Edtech Agency at the following link:
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