Edtech Talk No.1 – Connecting and Exploring the Potential of AI in Education

On June 30th in Hanoi, Edtech Agency, in collaboration with VNG Cloud, is organizing Edtech Talk #1 with the theme “Will AI become the roots of a massively personalized learning model?”

In this event, we will gather and exchange ideas with top experts, managers, and leaders in the Edtech field. We aim to:
✔️Gain a better understanding of the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education.
✔️Explore the potential applications of AI for large-scale personalized learning in Vietnam.

Edtech Talk provides a platform for experts and educators to exchange knowledge, share successful experiences, and discuss challenges in integrating technology into the learning process to create an advanced and personalized learning environment for students and Edtech businesses, enabling them to continue developing and improving their products and services. Additionally, Edtech Talk offers networking opportunities within the Edtech community and fosters collaborative development in educational technology.
👉Edtech Agency: https://edtechagency.net/
👉 VNG Cloud: https://lnkd.in/g_6gPKFh
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